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所属行业: 可穿戴设备/智能家居/物联网  
公司地址:上海浦东新区上科路88号(邮编:201210) 公司官网:http://www.ovt.com



Architecture Design Engineer-V

Architecture Design Engineer-V

薪资面议 上海-浦东新区 经验5-10年 硕士学历 全职 招聘 1 人 年龄不限 更新时间:2018-05-22



Position Overview:
The candidate will join a team of highly competent ASIC designers. The candidate needs to involve in doing video analytic algorithms and architecture design. Knowledge of image signal processing and video encoding algorithms are also needed.

Primary: (80%)
1. Work on video analytic algorithm design and implement in hardware processor;
2. Evaluate different architecture for video analytic implementation in hardware to meet timing and area requirement;
3. Combine ISP and video encode data path with video analytic processing to make video application more flexible and powerful;
4. Join the innovation discussion to come up with new ideas in multimedia chip design.
Secondary (20%)
5. Review current algorithms in video and image and try to improve or modify their quality;
6. Assist embedded F/W development;
7. Generate patents that are related to the work.

1. MSEE/CE with 5+ years of industry experience (or Ph.D. with 3 years working experience) ;
2. Experience of image/video analysis algorithm design
3. Strong analytical, and problem solving skills, as well as hands-on design skills;
4. Good knowledge in Computer Vision and Image processing algorithms
5. Strong C/C++; able to write C/C++ code to generate test cases for functional verification;
6. Knowledge in convolutional neural network is a plus;
7. Knowledge of video encoder/decoder algorithm is a plus
8. Knowledge in ASIC development process is a plus;
9. Self-motivated, excellent communication skills and ability to excel in a team environment.职能类别:算法工程师系统架

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