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所属行业: 可穿戴设备/智能家居/物联网  
公司地址:深圳市龙华新区大浪华宁路及丽荣路交汇处国乐科技园3栋11楼(邮编:518000) 公司官网:http://www.i-doo.cn



公司成立于2012年,位于中国深圳,深圳爱都科技有限公司,是一家专业开发,生产,销售和提供高质量的产品及运动健康穿戴式设备公司。在2013年十二月,我们开始研发蓝牙同步智能腕带和健身计步器设备。作为现代化的企业,我们有先进的技术,强大的设计能力,经过全面培训的工作人员和专业管理。拥有超过8条装配生产线和250多名工人,年生产能力超过50万数量产品。我们的智能手环都具有竞争力的价格,时尚,高雅的设计和完美的性能。我们所有的产品符合CE,FCC和RoHS标准。我们的产品已批发销售,并分发到许多国家和地区,特别是德国,西班牙在欧洲,北美和南美。 (公司网站:国外:www.idoosmart.com 国内: www.i-doo.cn)

我们进行OEM和ODM解决方案,包括智能可穿戴产品的ID和MD设计,软件,硬件和应用程序开发跟踪和解决你的健身问题,如步计步器,卡路里,距离轨道,睡眠时间的轨道,和心脏速率的轨道,只需蓝牙同步与您的手机。同时,当连接到手机的蓝牙健身设备到达一个GPS跟踪器和防损功能。此外,摄像头,音乐控制是简单地通过触摸智能手环。你的社交网络,如电话,短信,facebook,微博,Instagram,Linked In,微信,Viber,WhatsApp和谷歌plus更新可以通过智能腕带提醒实现。

Founded in 2012 andlocated in Shenzhen China, IDO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a professional development, production, marketingand providing quality products in the field of sports & healthy wearabledevices company. In 2013Dec, we started our R&D in bluetooth sync smart wristband & fitnesspedometer devices. As the modernized manufacturer,we have advanced technology, strong design ability, fullytrained workers and professional management. With more than 8 assembling line and more than250 workers, the annual production capacity is over 500,000 pcs. Our smartbands are with stylish, elegant design and perfect performance at competitiveprice. All of our products meet CE, FCC and ROHS standards.Our products have been wholesaled and distributed to many countries andareas, especially Germany, Spain in Europe, North America and South America.

We conduct OEM and ODM solutions including smart wearable products’ ID & MD design, software, hardware, and APPdevelopment to track and solve your fitness problems, like steppedometer, Calories, Distance track, sleep hours track, and heart rate track bysimply Bluetooth sync with your mobile phone. Meanwhile, the fitness devicereach a GPS tracker and anti-loss function when connected to cellphoneBluetooth. Furthermore, Camera, Music Control is simply by a touch of the smartband. Your social networks like call, message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Linked In, WeChat Viber, WhatsApp and Google Plus updates could be reminded bya smart wristband that you can choose to wear right on your wrist throughsilent vibration.

“Quality, Profession, Innovation”, are the keyvalues of all our workers, we dedicated to a perfect combination betweentechnology and quality. We dedicated all ourefforts to a win-win business pattern, and sincerely hope to work together forthe long term valuable respected clients!